They only like me for my sticker

November 9, 2006

One of the nice features of WordPress is that it automatically displays incoming links to your blog read in from Technorati. When I opened it up tonight I noticed a whole bunch of new links. After a little investigation, I found the scanned sticker from last year’s election post had popped up around the Web.

Looks like everyone from the Cato Institute (the fact that Cato visited my blog is sort of funny in itself) to J. No to Rachel liked the composition and the lighting on my sticker scan so much that they either linked directly to it or hotlinked it as an image from their site.

I guess if you’re not going to leave me a comment to say that you visited my blog or even might be reading what I have to say, and if you’re not going to provide a link to the blog from which you found the image, and if you’re not going to even mention the person who uploaded it to comply with the Creative Commons license I favor, it’s at least a sign that someone’s looking at this site. Right?

(I realize that it’s a generic image, and that I might even be violating someone’s copyright by uploading the image in the first place. This society-without-credit thing still bugs me to no end, though.)