Apple announcement brainstorming

A mysterious teaser appeared on today to announce an announcement happening tomorrow. Most people have landed in one of four prediction camps: the launch of cloud- or subscription-based iTunes, Beatles availability on iTunes, the release of iOS 4.2, or a small, insanely hyperbolized announcement to grab the attention of the media. And yes, it’ll probably be one of those four scenarios.

But what if it’s not? As an exercise in complete absurdity, here’s some wild speculation about what could (theoretically) happen tomorrow at 10 Eastern:

  • Live, streaming concert of a major band (let’s face it, it’d be U2)
  • Steve Jobs chats on FaceTime with caller #52 to a super-secret Apple number
  • A complete archive of every major TV show and movie ever
  • An MP3 option for iTunes downloads
  • A free MobileMe account with cloud syncing¬†for every iTunes user
  • A Hulu competitor1 (iAd-supported streaming TV shows)
  • Steve Jobs announces a new product or service via live video from his office
  • iTunes for Android and/or WP7
  • A new super-simple way for independent musicians to submit songs
  • Steve Jobs goes Oprah: free iPod nanos for everyone!

I realize that half of the list above will never, ever, ever happen. Complete and utter absurdity, remember?

1 I’d say a Netflix competitor, too, but Apple seems to be pretty buddy-buddy with Netflix lately.

November 15, 2010 at 6:30 pm
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